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Indigo DQM Data Management Systems

Indigo DQM is a high level data management, query and reporting system designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. This powerful application can be used for data analyses, data extraction, data migration and transformation, data queries and report generation. The DQM Data Management System efficiently consolidates all your Data Assets into a central shared Data Store for the most effective management, access and reporting allowing critical information to be available on demand across networks.

Indigo DQM Data Management System

Indigo Scape DRS

Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting System using HTML and XQuery to generate highly compatible and content rich reports using standard HTML.

Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting System

Indigo Scape DRS advanced reporting system delivers a reporting platform that gives the best functionality and compatibility and because the reports use standard HTML they can be displayed on any type of device whether a PC, tablet, mobile and in any type of browser.

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Finance Software

FinTech Software are technology experts specializing in software and data solutions that help FinTech businesses engage, empower and improve their data management, data reporting and data analysis capabilities with a wide range of specialist software products, services and solutions.

FinTech's range of powerful and innovative software tools will bring immediate benefits to your business increasing your capabilities and competitive advantage.

Click here for financesoft.co.uk...

AJE Components

ActiveX and COM Software Components for Visual Basic, Visual Studio and .NET. Maximize software reuse, improve reliability, add rich functionality and save development costs with AJE Reusable Software Components.

  • Help promote the benefits of software components.
  • Recommend our software to friends or colleagues.
  • Realize cost savings of using software components
  • Inform companies of the benefits of using our software.

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