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AJE Software specialises in advanced software systems for business and enterprise applications. Our software delivers feature rich functionality and expert features allowing your organization to use the latest software technology for your competitive advantage.

We offer a range of software applications, software components and development tools focused on delivering expert functionality, information processing, data management and reporting all with the aim of increasing business value and intelligence.

Our site is a trusted source of information for buyers and sellers of try-before-you-buy software, enabling IS/IT professionals, developers, business users, and personal technology enthusiasts to have a hands-on evaluation of products they're considering for purchase.

About Data Management

AJE Software feature the Indigo DQM Data Management System using the Indigo DRS Reporting Engine. These advanced software systems are designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. Featuring the most advanced data management functionality available and rich in features the system allows multiple data queries and reports to be stored and organized in a shared repository allowing critical information to be available on demand across networks.

The data management query engine can run queries against any type of Data Source using standard relational SQL queries and / or XQuery / XPath. Data consolidation allows Data from different Data Sources and Types to be brought together in a central Data Assets Store. This information is shared and available on demand maximising the availability of your data and reducing IT and support overheads.

Indigo DQM supports multiple Data Sources and Types including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, ODBC, OLEDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre, Firebird, XML and CSV making it transparent to virtually all Data Sources. The ability to easily access and work with data no matter where it is located or what application created it makes Indigo DQM unique...

About Components

AJE Components provide enhanced Web and Application development resources for developers by offering highly stable, flexible, prefabricated, pretested and reusable Software Components and Development Tools. These not only dramatically compresses the development cycle, but results in highly complex yet highly stable systems that can be quickly adapted to maintain an organization's competitive advantage.

Software Components are typically business objects that have predefined and reusable behaviours. Component-Based Development is the idea of creating software applications from components. Implementation detail is hidden in the interfaces, which isolate and encapsulate a set of functionality. Interfaces are the means by which components connect. An interface is a set of named operations that can be invoked by clients. More importantly, well-defined interfaces define the component's entry points, and a component's accessibility is done only via its interface. In a component-based approach, providers and clients communicate via the specification of the interface, which becomes the mediating middle that lets the two parties collaborate and work together.

The benefits of software components are manifold:

Software Components could save you many tens of thousands of man hours of development time. This saving in time and the increased reliability and productivity that come with using components equate to immeasurable costs savings.

AJE Software is a comprehensive resource for developers and businesses looking for Software Components, Developments Tools and Enterprise Applications. AJE Software is dedicated to improving the Software Application and Development Process. Deliver software applications faster, better and cheaper by reusing expert-built, off-the-shelf components.


Software Components address the core of business strategy - staying ahead of the competition or being the first with best. In order to remain competitive, organizations must be better, faster and more efficient. With IT as one of the key drivers of competitive advantage, software applications, specifically, must be better, faster and more efficient. Now your applications can evolve rather than requiring periodical, very costly replacement, and by using our Software Components your business will not be constrained.

Today amongst a climate of IT budget cuts, the availability of pre-built reusable components takes on a new significance. If you were to assess the potential application development effort that is displaced through the deployment of pre-built "off-the-shelf" components for industry at large it would run into billions of dollars. Using established industry metrics based on lines of source code, "The ROI of commercial 'off-the-shelf' (COTS) components" for the first time shows how investing in an expert-built COTS component or Web service - which range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand on the open market - may offset the development costs of applications to the tune of millions of dollars and bring new services to market faster and far more cost effectively.

Save Development Time and Costs

AJE Components feature rich functionality and expert features that have been developed over many years. Using our components allows Rapid Application Development and saves development time and costs!

Our Development Tools give you access to state of the art Software Component technology and a wealth of resources that are reusable time and time again. This will really save your business money and improve the desirability and quality of your products to your customers.

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