To install the Software run the Setup.exe program that came with your installation set and follow the on-screen instructions if you haven't already done so.

Full support documentation and help is included with all Install Kits.


Any Win32 or Win64 operating system (server or workstation): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 etc.

Upgrading Considerations

If you are upgrading from previous versions just run the setup.exe program as normal. Your installation will be updated.

Software Licensing

Software may be evaluated for up to 28 days prior to registering the product. After the trial period expires the product will no longer function. If you have purchased a license key then you will receive a license file by Email.

You can purchase a license at anytime from our online store but it is recommended that you contact us first to determine your exact licensing requirements.

Installing License Files

To activate a license you will need to send us the unique Hardware ID of your Computer by using the Hardware ID utility included with the software.

Once we have this ID and confirmed your order we can generate a license file unique to your Computer to unlock the software.

Download the Hardware ID Utility

License Files must be installed into the same directory as the Program assembly in order to unlock it. Licenses may have various conditions attached such as runtime and hardware restrictions.

NOTE: License Files are unique to each Computer they are issued to and cannot be used on any another machines.

Errors and Omissions Expected. Written Terms available on request.

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